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"It’s a great looking game with high quality pixel art animation and gameplay that takes a satirical swipe at the home looting in RPGs to offer fun twist on multiplayer siege warfare."


"So, the Heroes of Time just think they can roll up, bust your vases and barrels, then loot your chests? That’s not happening in Heroes Ravage, a multiplayer game of sweet NPC revenge."

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Marcelo Norberto

Software Engineer

With general interests in Game Developing and 3D Applications. Part of the VirtualSign/ACE projects, more particularly in the game design, all server side programming and the creation of the VirtualSign configurator. Marcelo is a magician at work when it come to pushing out builds and motivating the team to push further!

Centurion Overlord


Generally management of the many is the same as generally management of the few, it’s a matter of organization. All warfare is based on deception. In war, numbers alone confer no advantage. Do not advance relying on sheer military power.

Mário Teixeira

Management, Sound Effects, Design

Mario’s past experience in cinematography, and his accumulated knowledge of sound editing, helps him create crisp and awesome sound effects. His connection for video games goes as far as a decade, with several passion projects produced over the years. He brings courageous ideas and organizational skills to help team achieve their vision.

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