A note about the Present and the future of Heroes Ravage

How are you Backers, Fans and Lurkers, we hope all is well with you. We come to you today to discuss the Present and the Future of the game Heroes Ravage!

Since a year ago we have designed Heroes Ravage from the concept of Villagers finally defending themselves against the scumbag Heroes that plunder all the houses in search for loot without regard for the livelihood of the NPCs.

We had decided at the time to give control of the Heroes and Villagers to the players, and had them go brawl with each other!

To fully realize our vision for the game, and to secure funding for the expensive servers and network maintenance, we decide to create a Kickstarter campaign, so that we could get the bulk of the costs for the creation of Heroes Ravage upfront. Unfortunately it seems that we will not be able to reach our goal…

The Budget

We have been receiving feedback, and most surprising to us the common perception is that the 53 500 € goal to make a multiplayer game is too much, so we would like to share with everyone what was the reasoning behind it. When you take into account the Kickstarter fees, the Spain government tax, the need to have physical servers for better latency, since right now we are using a host and a client system, which basically means that 1 of the players is hosting the match therefore if that player has a slow internet connection then the other players will lag, once we scale that to 8 players some matches become impossible to run without a fully dedicated server custom coded and built to accommodate several games being played at the same time.

To create that smooth lag free experience, we would need to hire an additional network engineer to helps us achieve that quality of life gameplay, and furthermore we were thinking of hiring 3 more artists to complement all the extra sprites and environmental art that we needed for the game. To double our team size would mean that we would have to incorporate, which would have additional costs. As you can see to make a polished multiplayer game with high quality standards is quite the undertaking financially. 

But this doesn’t mean that we will stop working on Heroes Ravage, far from it, what it means is that we will have to refocus our attention and scale down the scope of the game, and that is the reason we are talking with you today, our backers, our fans, our supporters!

The Future

We have been discussing this with the community that has reached out to us and we had two paths that we could take, one would be to scale down from 4v4 to 2v2, so that latency issues would be mitigated and then focus on solidifying the network and relaunch the campaign with the minimal budget necessary to launch the game on early access with a free to play model in hopes that the continued stream of players would allow us to in the future improve the game.

But in the end we don’t think we can deliver a polished multiplayer game with only 20 000€ for example, so instead of making promises that we can’t keep we have decided to solely focus on the single player part of the game, we already have the story written down (Its was already written for the digital artbook) and the plans well structured.

The Gameplay

In the single player campaign you will play as an NPC that arrives to a village and buys a broken down house from the local merchant with hopes to reconstruct and upgrade that house, unfortunately the NPC’s broken down house will be vulnerable to the Heroes Rampage, so he will need to upgrade his house, discover new trap blueprints, and new tricks to stop/kill/defeat the hordes of invading Heroes that will try to ransack his house.

The gameplay is roughly the same, but in this mode the AI will control the Heroes that cause ravage in your house. You will be able to raise monsters in your farm and strategically place them on your house, so that the Heroes are ambushed by them and won’t be able to steal your entire savings.

At the end of each “Hero Quest” a story segment will play and you will be able to buy better monster eggs and better traps from the local merchant to boost your defense capabilities, and travel the world to investigate why the Heroes keep coming to your house, and maybe stumble into the Hall of Heroes and start unveiling the mysteries of the world.

The Goal

To accomplish this vision for a single player campaign (Heroes Ravage – The rise of an NPC) we would need quite some time to code the AI and implement the narrative, but we believe we can do this with our current team in the time frame that would take us to do the multiplayer but requiring only 20 000€

Now we ask you, the player, what do you think about this direction, what do you want to play, what do you want to support?

Note: (After we release the game, if we can get enough revenue and a solid player base from the single player we plan on resuming the development of the multiplayer for Heroes Ravage)

Join our discord to talk to us and tell us what you think!

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