The Beginning

From our fingertips the first build of the game is born and it is awesome!

Heroes Ravage is born out of toast, a lunch to be remembered by the insanely huge menu they had, it was huuuugggeeeeee!

The sun was high, and temperature just right for some toast. Marcelo was visiting the Portuguese coastline and so us three got together and ordered some toast…

For some, one of the biggest toast they have ever seen, for others, just another chance to get fat… During the feast (or should I say the ravage of toast day), somehow in someway the conversation let us to talk about game development and about what games would be fun to play but don’t exist. While stuffed in deliciousness, a lighting stroke and we discovered something that would be awesome. So much that we wanted to play it right away.

But there wasn’t anything like it on the gaming industry, so we just said: you know what, let’s just make the game that we want to play. The rest is history.

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