Hero Equipment

Hi how has everyone been doing? Good we hope!

On this developer blog we will talk about the Heroes that come crashing into your house with their lust for Axis.

Each awakened hero has been greatly fitted with magical Items, some go beyond the mere comprehension of the town folk.

You just begun setting up your traps and built a nice pit of water that last time swallowed lots of Heroes, well this time the Heroes are wearing water boots and they can just walk over your trap and steal your stuff.

Each Hero is unique and more starving for loot than the next. Some of their equipment may include:

·        Water Boots

·        Flying Boots

·        Poison Pearl (Giving poison immunity)

·        Fire Pearl (Giving fire immunity)

·        Stacks of bombs

·        Health Potions

·        Feather Potions (Reviving fallen Heroes)

·        Crowbars

And many others to come…


You will have to carefully set up the traps taking in account the possible gear of the Heroes, to have a balanced mixture of traps is always best.

Let us know what you think!


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