Heroes Ravage – Rocky

Rocky may not have the eyes of a tiger but his endurance is second to none!


As the name suggests Rocky is tough. With a body made up from an extremely hard rock that makes him the most resistant monster in Heroes Ravage.

His body makes would make it difficult for him to attack swiftly but Rocky found a way around this issue. Through intensive training Rocky managed to learn the ultimate spinning skill that allows him to roll at high speeds towards his enemies.

Although his attack can deal lots of damage it works as double edge sword. While Rocky is spinning he has less control of his balance and if you can manage to throw something in front of him that may just cause him to fall over exposing his weak spot, the belly.

Rocky usually only takes damage from Hammers or Bombs, but while he is flipped over you can damage him with any weapon as his belly is softer than the rest of his body.

Audio Design

When looking at the Rocky, the first that poped to mind was that it look liked some kind of dinosaur, something kind of like the “Talarurus”. Taking that into consideration we wanted the weight of the Rocky to be something that you could hear, not only that but in the more complex movements you should hear the rock slabs in his back rustling and hitting each other.

One other example of resemblance was the Turtle, in the way it moves and when it’s flipped over. You should expect to hear grunts of effort as it tries to get back on it’s feet.

We will not fully spoil how he sounds flipped over, but you can take a clue from the way he sounds walking, its a mixture of two stomps in gravel / sand, modified so that each step would have enough depth to make it sound just right, also you will be able to hear his voice, it might sound like a WOW! but Its more like a WHA!

And no it wasn’t me yelling wow into the microphone and then heavy modifying the sound… or was it? Check it out yourself!

Status and Drops

Current Rocky status:

  • Health – 10
  • Damage – 4
  • Attack Cooldown – 1 seconds
  • Can only be damaged with bombs and hammers (unless flipped over) 

Material Drops:

  • Carapass – 1
  • Iron -1

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