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Slimes are one of the most iconic monster in RPGs so it just felt right that we should have them in Heroes Ravage.



Slimes tend to be one of the weakest and simple mobs in games, with their small “slimey” bodies some may even think they are harmless … but they would be wrong.

While it is true that Slimes may not be as strong as some other monsters they can be deadly if underestimated. 

Slimes are like acid blobs and can damage you upon contact. 

In heroes ravage there are two types of slimes. The normal ones that will damage you in go get too close and then there are the poison Slimes.

Poison slimes were once normal slimes that were exposed to various poisonous plants and absorbed them into their bodies. This allows them to have an outburst of the poisonous material stored inside of them when they feel threatened.

It’s never a good idea to get too close to a slime but specially so if that slime looks greener than the other ones.

Audio Design

In the last Dev Blogs we talked about the right feeling of a animation, and showcased the audio for the movement of the monsters. This time let’s try something more interesting! >;]

Picture yourself as a sound designer, and now you are given the attack animation of the Poison Slime above, it’s your job to give it awesome sound effects.

First let’s analyze the slime, the way it extends and compresses in succession it almost feels like those stress balls that you squeeze and when you let it go they return to their natural form, but in this case it should fell more like rubber or some kind of balloon rubbing other balloons…ok,ok, the craziness in me is taking over again… But that is what the first impression of this jumpy ball of mucus gives me.

So that takes care of the first phase of the attack, did you reach the same impression as me? If not don’t worry keep that impression that you have in mind.

The second phase of the attack is the release of the power stored in his previous compression and decompression phase, it should feel like a explosion of power from all that powering up, and also have hints of poison and magical essence, have you got an idea in mind? Yes? Good, good, my padawan.

What I call the third phase is the dissipation of all that magic power, its all that poison and mucus evaporating finishing the attack sequence, it should feel and sound satisfying as the power fades away and the next round can begin again.

Join all 3 phases and you get the sound effect of a Poison Slime AOE attack, have you got the sound in your head? Yes, No? Well Check it out yourself!

P.S. If what you imagined is the same of what the video shows… I’ve got bad news for you, and it ends with Asylum…


Status and Drops

Current status for the Normal Slime:

  • Health – 5
  • Damage – 1
  • Attack Cooldown – 1 second

Material Drops:

  • Crystallized Goo – 1

Current status for the Posion Slime:

  • Health – 5
  • Damage – 1
  • Attack Cooldown – 1 second

Material Drops:

  • Green Goo – 1

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