Heroes Ravage – The Octoboom

Meet the Octoboom! With a very unique body made of some sort of jelly material he likes to greet everyone with a boom!



From the moment the team saw The Legion Commander’s concept art for the Octoboom we agreed that this had to be a mob that gives off a troll vibe.

The Octoboom attacks his enemies by spiting bombs so his body had to be able to expand and shrink as he blasts everyone away. With that in mind we decided to make his body be made of some sort of jelly material which would cover both the need for the flexibility and also help with his foolish style.

As mentioned above the Octoboom attacks using his infinity amount of bombs that he stores in the void of his stomach, while those bombs are deadly and can easily kill anyone who’s in range they cannot harm the Octoboom as his body is immune to explosive damage.

Although it may sound that the Octoboom may be too powerful he has weaknesses as well. Although he can create unlimited amounts of bombs there is delay between each bomb that he creates.

Another thing to keep in mind is that all the bombs in the game damage the other mobs, so if you can get the timing right you may be able to get Octoboom to help you!

Octoboom takes damage from every weapon in the game except bombs.


Audio Design

When sound designing a monster sometimes one can take inspiration from real life animals, but other times, such as this one, the monster is so… gelatinous, that you have to think outside the box and experiment until you find something that feels right.

From the sprite motion we knew that it’s body was made from some sort gelatin, and as the Octoboom walks one should identify that the sound is coming from him before you even see him, in other words the gelatin should be the main actor.

This is when you get creative and experiment with all kinds of sounds, from the outside looking in, you could argue that a lunatic was running around with a microphone on a stick making all kinds of unworldly sounds, lucky I found something that felt right before getting put on the arkham asylum. The answer? A bottle of shaving cream, combined with puddles of mud being slapped, and some secondary sound of small footsteps would mix to give the right feeling for the Octoboom.

Think I’m crazy? Check it out yourself!


Status and Drops

We will list here the current status for the Octoboom:

  • Health – 5
  • Damage – Over 9000!
  • Attack Cooldown – 2.5 seconds
  • Immune to bombs

Material Drops:

  • Rope – 1
  • Gunpowder -1


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