Heroes Ravage – The rise of the NPC

Hello everyone!

As you may already know we are changing the focus of the development in order to create Heroes Ravage – The rise of an NPC , which is a single player variant of the original Heroes Ravage that we have developed so far.

In the new single player game you will take the role of the Villager only and the Heroes will be controlled by AI.

But just as the multiplayer was inspired by the RPG genre so is the single player!

So although there are several aspects of the game that will be similar to what you have seen already, there are also a lot of new features and a narrative that we believe will add to the immersion of the game experience.

So, Heroes Ravage single player with new features and a story to back it all up, when?

We strongly believe that we will have an early access version ready in 6 months, we already went through the planning and started the development.

You will always be able to check the progress on the dev logs and talk to us on discord and we are committed to be transparent with the development progress.

As for what to expect, here are some of the key points we are working on:

  • New UI improved for usability and controller friendly
  • Player house and house upgrades with different layouts
  • Monster eggs, after all “The enemy of my enemy is my friend”
  • New crafting system for easy placement
  • More traps suggested by the community
  • Quest system integrating the game narrative
  • A new maps based on the original one but with larger areas
  • The merchant, where you can get your upgrades
  • Hero AI
  • Types of Heroes based on the equipment they have
  • Save and Load

We hope that you follow us along this ride and that you get to enjoy the life of a villager who had enough!


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