Heroes Ravage – The Statue

Statues can be found in certain areas of Heroes Ravage. Carefully carved  by the ancients stone statues were a symbol of honor for the heroes. Things changed… These statues have came to life and as a result it turned them into dangerous killing machines.


The Statues are stone representation of the heroes. That characteristic alone grants them similar status to the hero. 

However they are limited by a few factors compared to the real Heroes. 

Their body is made of stone which makes them unable to swing their swords as fast as a hero would. Their stone body does however, grant a higher resistance than most monsters.

Be aware that the Statues were created with a sword in hand and they use it in a similar fashion to the heroes, meaning that they can slash a wide area toward the direction they are facing. 

The best way to take on such a foe would be to team up and strike from both side at once.

The Statue can be damaged by all the weapons. The stone body does increase its endurance but unlike the lizard, the stone in the Statue is old and cracked.

Audio Design

The STONE Statue, was an interesting monster to design. Once you consider that it is a soulless conglomerateof rocks grinding in each other and moving  around, it became quite easy to perceive what needs to be done.

This time around the implementation was straight forward, get a couple of rocks chuckling, grinding in the cement and you get the chuckling for the statue. For each one that is simpler to image there is another one that is straight out of a madmen imagination, for example there is a sound in the game for a furniture that is literally a dog eating an apple. As some cat would say: If it fits, it stays!

Well I’m gonna stop rambling and let you check out the statue for yourself!

Current status for the Statue:

  • Health – 8
  • Damage – 2
  • Attack Cooldown – 1 second
  • wide area slash

Material Drops:

  • Mold- 1

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