House Items #1

On this series of dev logs we will show you the house items that are currently in the game and give you some useful information about them.

As you may have seen on the mobs updates the heroes get their materials by hunting down the monsters in the game and picking up their drops.

The villagers must take a different approach. Since the villagers are at their home they will start with a large amount of materials so that they can focus on creating traps

On the GIF above you can see the furnace on the left , the craft table in the middle and the spinning wheel on the right, those three are the main item processing spots. The table is also where you can craft all the villager items.

You will be able to extract wood from the following items:


The taller or bigger items such as the shelf rack , the long table, the bookshelf, the dinning table and the closet must be broken in order to get wood from them.

The rest of the items must be placed on the top of the crafting table in order to be processed and turned into planks. 

On the next Dev log we will reveal the Clay and Metal items!


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