New Controller Friendly UI

Hi everyone!

Let’s check what will be different with the new UI.

While adding controller support on the previous multiplayer game, one thing I noticed right away was that the UI we had was too focused on mouse interaction. So that was one of the first things we wanted to change.

For instance in the multiplayer game if you wanted to change the volume with a controller, we have to admit you would be flipping tables before you got there.

Old UI


We want the interface to be simple and intuitive for both mouse and gamepad users.

So the new interface design we want to use only bidirectional whenever possible and keep the number of button presses as low as we can in order to get to a menu.

Also we want to improve the feedback given by the UI so it’s always clear which UI element is highlighted

This UI should be easy to use and allow us to consider porting the game to new devices in the future.

As for the in game UI there will also be a big change, with the new crafting system the player will no longer need a quick bar and the top bar will also be removed as there is no timer.

The mini map will stay however you will be able to disable it and it may be moved to another spot. The materials will be visible when you are inside the house in the preparation phase.

And there will be a quest indicator with your current active quest.

So overall the UI will be much cleaner both in the Menus and in game.

Let us know what you think of these changes!

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