New Craft System

Hi fellow rpg fans!

We have redesigned the craft system in order to best match the single player game style.

In order to craft the traps you will have a menu that you can open at any time while inside the house.

This menu is a sort of blueprint that has all the traps that you have unlocked.

So that’s the first difference, before you would only be able to craft at the crafting table and now you will be able to craft anywhere in the house.

Here is the old craft system:

The second big difference is the placement of the traps.

Before you would carry each trap with your character and “manually” place them by dropping the item where you wanted it to be.

In the new system once you select a trap from the list that trap will spawn in a highlighted state (like buildings in strategy games). You will not be able to overlap traps and they will display green if they can be placed or red if they can’t.



You will be able to use the direction controls to move the trap around before placing it and your character will stay put until the trap is placed or you cancel it.

We will be adding also a couple new material types due to some new traps that we are adding and will go over on the next dev log.

The craft window will be available in both the morning and ravage phase but we recommend that you place all or most of your traps in the morning in order to be ready for the hordes of heroes!

Let us know what you think of this new crafting system and feel free to give us any suggestions you may have!

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