Player’s House

Hi fellow towns folk.

Today we will be going over the NPC house in our little village.

One of the big differences while designing the single player was the fact that the map will be split by areas instead of one big zone.

Following the logic we opted to do the same with the houses.

So the houses in the villager’s town will follow the traditional RPG house that’s small on the outside and can be giant inside.

As for the inside of the player house, there will be some differences from the previous version as well.

We are changing the perspective a bit and making all rooms (in range of the camera) visible, in order to do this we will be changing the walls on the side and removing the bottom walls, again following the traditional house settings of RPGs. This should make for less visual glitches and easier planning your defense against the heroes.

Another new feature is that you will be able to upgrade your house! There are three house upgrades planned right now. Those upgrades will allow you to change the layout of the house.

Following the story, you are villager who finally managed to buy a cheap run down house it would make sense that you want to fix it and upgrade it.


As for the outside of the house it also will change with your upgrades. You can have a look at this sketch to have a general idea of how we plan to make it different with each upgrade.

Concept art for the house upgrades


The initial house layout will be just a giant room which is not optimal to defend against greedy heroes.

The second upgrade adds rooms and make it easier to focus your traps in certain areas for maximum efficiency.

The final upgrade is a damn maze! Well… sort of, but the heroes will not have much room to roam freely which means even better trap efficiency than before. However do not make the mistake to think it will be too easy as in this stage the heroes will be well prepared as well.

Are you a fan of the traditional RPG house layouts and perspectives? Let us know what you think!

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