Quest System and Daily cycle

Hi Villagers.


In the upcoming Heroes Ravage – Rise of an NPC, you play as a villager in a world full of monsters and Heroes, trying to make a living for yourself.

In terms of gameplay what does this mean?

Well each day cycle will be separated by 3 phases.



Each morning after you wake up from your fluffy bed you can travel to the town and speak with its inhabitants or go over to the traveling merchant and buy the goods for the day. After you feel you are ready to receive the full force of the loot starving Heroes, you can return to your house and lay down the traps for the upcoming ravage.



During the ravage phase Heroes will charge your house and try to loot everything in it, this is when you have to keep hatching eggs and move your goods from place to place. Has the barricade in the backdoor been broken? Well change the position of your valuables to another area with defenses that are working better.


Aftermath Afternoon

After the Heroes Leave or are defeated, you will have to pick up the aftermath of their ravage. During this time you can go to town and observe the passing ravage that the Heroes left behind and talk with happy and sad villagers about what just happened.

This time of day is your opportunity to investigate this bizarre event, and discover more about how the world works.

When the sun sets, it’s time to go back home and repair all the damage the your house incurred, and finally sleep on your bed, and do it all again the next day!

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