It’s a trap!

So let’s have a look what the traps that are created as well a new ones planned to provide you with all the tools you need to a flawless victory!

Traps in Heroes Ravage:

  • Floor spikes (created)
  • Poison Coated Floor spikes (created)
  • Spinning blades (created)
  • Floor holes (created but will be modified)
  • Killer plant (planned)
  • Spike barrier (planned)
  • Boulder (planned)
  • Fire path (planned)

Some of you may have seen or felt the created traps already but here is a short description of what to expect:

Floor spikes can be triggered with one of the two switch types in game, the pressure plate or the button switch. The spikes come out as soon as a switch that is in range is pressed and deals damage to those on top of it.

Coated spikes follow the same logic as the floor spikes with the only difference being that it will leave anyone hit by them with poison.

Spinning blades can also be turned on by either type of switches but ideally you should use the button switch so it stays on as it deals continues damage to everyone in range.

Floor holes are going to change quite a bit, you will be able to craft the hole with water already in it with a couple different sizes instead of making the hole and filling it with water. The holes will be closer to the ones in the first reveal trailer than the current ones.

Killer plant will be, well… deadly! But fear not as it will not one shot you like the mushrooms did in the multiplayer, instead it will work more like the spinning blades but without the need of a switch as it will automatically attack any hero in range.

Spike Barriers will work well against heroes with short range weapons like hammer and swords and placed strategically may help you direct some of those in the direction you want. The barrier will deal damage if a hero gets too close.

Our boulder will be a one use only kind of trap where when a hero gets close to it will roll him over as well as any other heroes that dare cross in its path stopping only when it crashes against a wall. Any hero touched by the boulder will perish instantaneously.

The fire path advantage is it’s endurance as it can only be destroyed by the bomb (fight fire with fire!), The fire path will deal slow fire damage to any hero stepping on it.

Do you have any ideas for cool traps that would fit the game? We would love to hear about it so consider joining us on discord and telling us!

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