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On this post we want to go over the Types of Heroes you will encounter/defeat while playing Heroes Ravage.

When the Demon Lord awakens, the Heroes set forth on their journey, which leads to your house, unfortunately for them, you will be prepared this time, and will be able to stop their looting.


Heroes at the Tree of Mana

Each Hero invading your house has a role in his party. Depending on his weapon of choice his behavior will be different from the other Heroes while inside your house, you must keep that in mind while setting up your defenses since each Hero weapon has their own weakness and strengths.

  • The Sword – With medium damage, short range but high attack speed and wide reach, the sword is ideal for killing multiple enemies. It is also a useful ravaging weapon for rapidly breaking multiple small objects and swiftly make way through tightly cramped spaces.
  • The Hammer – Though boasting high damage, the hammer suffers from low attack speed and reach. This weapon works best when dealing with well armored monsters and heavily reinforced fortifications.
  • The Boomerang – This long range weapon offers versatility to the heroic arsenal, with medium damage it is useful for killing monsters from a safe distance. It also has the ability to grab items from great range and bring them back to its user, making it an asset of enormous utility.
  • The Hook – This weapon deals negligible damage, but what it lacks in power is made up for in mobility. The hook has no rival when it comes to providing swift and agile movement across large distances. While it may have little to contribute to killing monster, it will certainly bring despair to the villager heart when he witness all his carefully constructed traps being skipped over with so little effort.

Each weapon has advantages and disadvantages against each type of traps and monsters, so it’s always best to have a balanced defense.

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